-----  John Mann's  BajanNav - you're lost without it.             -----  John Mann's  BajanNav - you're lost without it.             -----  John Mann's  BajanNav - you're lost without it.             

The BajanNav Store accepts BD$, US$, and UK£.   In Barbados, pay in BD$ by cheque, cash or bank transfer.   Anywhere, pay by credit card or PayPal in US$ or UK£.   Full instructions on checkout.

BajanNav for Garmin* GPS

CoinFlash02Download BajanNav for use in your Garmin* GPS device. Registration is FREE - and we inform you by email whenever Bajannav is updated, about every 2-3 months.

You receive full instructions for downloading, installation and use. You will need an SD card/Micro SD card (whichever type your Garmin* uses), min 2Gb.

Download FREE from the BajanNav Store.


CaribBB anim

Your own POI on BajanNav

If you run any sort of business, you will realize that:
  • Customers need to know about you.
  • Customers need to be able to find you.
BajanNav addresses both of these problems.
Not only can prospective customers find you in the directory on their Sat Nav, your details are also published online on the BajanNav Business Directory and the map at Bariffle.com.

Bajannav for Android

Use your Android phone or tablet as a high quality GPS in Barbados with "BajanNav for Android". Using the well-known CityGuide program, BajanNav for Android ependable turn-by turn visual and audio routing, advanced search facilties, and much, much more. BajanNav, will also be available for iPhone soon!

BajanNav for Android is FREE to try, only BD$39.95 to buy (future updates are free). Download and purchase from the BajanNav Store.

             Read the User Guide here...    CGAndWinUGthumb

BajanNav for Android





What's New?

1-issueMotoring News Barbados is now online, here at BajanNav. Try the sample issue via the Publications tab, then buy online in the Store - in FULL COLOUR!

BajanNav for Windows

Imagine an interactive map of Barbados, which you can view in 2-D or 3-D, zoom in or out, and move around. Add address search, a business directory, a tracking system, a messaging system, and traffic monitoring, and you have an idea of what BajanNav for Windows PC is like - and it's always up-to-date!

BajanNav for Windows PC is FREE to try, and only BD$19.95 to buy (future updates are free).

See full details NOW in the BajanNav Store.

Susan uses BajanNav for Windows PC

How Satellite Navigation works

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If you would like to place your business on BajanNav, gaining excellent exposure and supporting this important project, click here for further details.
  • Comment01

    I travel to Barbados frequently. I had been searching for just this. Very excited I finally found you! Thanks so much for your efforts.

  • Comment03

    I have been waiting for this product, or something like it, for over 10 years. Try getting accurate directions!

  • Comment02

    We have been going to Barbados every year since 1968 and we still get lost at times.  What a great idea using my GPS.

  • Comment04

    I am thrilled that BajanNav is up and running.This will be extremely helpful to visitors to the Island in assisting them in navigating the Barbados roads.

  • Comment05

    I'm visiting Barbados next week and it is really great that you are providing this map because I will be renting a car and driving there.

  • Comment06

    Hi. Downloaded BajanNav two years ago for our holidays in Barbados and it helped us enormously to get to the different attractions. Coming again next week...

  • Comment07

    Great to find GPS maps of Barbados. I will be rallying there in June. This should be a great asset.
    Much Thanks.

  • Comment08


  • Comment10

    I think you are doing first class work, keep going! Barbados is one of the few EC islands with detailed GPS instructions, AND WE LIKE IT SO!!

  • Comment09

    BajanNav made my last trip to Barbados so stress free.

    Excellent !

  • Comment11

    Fantastic! Brilliant!

    As a homeowner in Barbados this is just what I need.

  • Comment12

    We have been coming to Barbados for 12 years now and to finally be able to find our way around easily is just amazing!


BajanNav - you're lost without it!

BajanNav is the GPS map of Barbados, showing roads, cities, towns and villages. It also includes "Points of Interest" (POIs) such as tourist attractions, petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, and other types of business.

Used with a suitable Garmin GPS receiver or with an Android phone or tablet, and, very soon, with an PC, or iPhone, smartphone, BajanNav provides automatic turn-by-turn routing to any place you desire.

BajanNav is, quite literally, the most accurate map of Barbados you are likely to find.

BajanNav is funded entirely by companies in Barbados who pay a small amount annually to have their position placed on the map. You will find a directory of these companies here, and they are also shown on the map at www.Bariffle.com.

BajanNav has taken well over 5 years to produce and displays approximately 10,500 roads - each of which has been painstakingly plotted by AccuNav staff. You can search for road, village, town or Point of Interest (POI). You can find 112 cricket pitches. You can see photos of all the major beaches.

If you're a Tourist, BajanNav will enable you to find all the places you want to see - beaches, historical sites, attractions - without getting lost - and it will get you safely back to your hotel in the evening. If you're a Barbadian, BajanNav will enable you to find places off the beaten track.

BajanNav - you're lost without it!


BajanNav - Current Versions


As of December 2013, the current versions of BajanNav are as follows:

Bajannav for Garmin:
Version 3.00

If your Garmin version is out of date, simply log-in to the BajanNav Store, find your order in "Store-My Orders" and download from there (the download in your "old" order is always updated to the latest version). If you haven't registered yet, simply register and "purchase" BajanNav for Garmin (it's free).

BajanNav for Android and Windows: Version 2.1  (based on Garmin V2.03)

When your Android version requires updating, either:

  1. Go to Menu-Options-Settings-Maps-Map Management-Download maps, and download the new version.
  2. Log on to your BajanNav Store account, find your original order in BajanNav Store-My Orders, and download the map. Place it in the Cityguide-cgmaps folder on your Android's SD card.

Bariffle Map: Based on Garmin Version 2.01.

An exciting new version of the Bariffle map will be published soon.

Please support those who sponsor BajanNav. Mouse over the slideshow to stop on a picture. Click to go to the sponsor's website.

How to join BajanNav

Your position on BajanNav is an ideal way of letting your potential customers know where you are. You will also be helping market Barbados to the world - many of our registered users are from abroad, and BajanNav is also rented to tourists by the major car rental companies.

Joining BajanNav costs only BD$200 a year, which is an excellent price for the comprehensive facilities you receive:

  • Your company details (position, address, phone number, email, full description and a picture) on BajanNav, the GPS map of Barbados.
  • The same details on the BajanNav Business Directory at www.BajanNav.com.
  • The same details on the Bariffle map at www.Bariffle.com.

To join BajanNav, simply contact us by email at info@accu-nav.com or by phone on 1-246-432-0611.

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BajanNav News

  • BajanNav is for motoring, and so is Barbados' Motoring News, and now Motoring News is available to read online on BajanNav's website!Motoring News is Barbados' monthly motoring newspaper, with all the latest news of everything automotive on the island, encompassing both motorsport and domestic motoring. As we approach the June date of Sol Rally Barbados 2013, Motoring News clearly majors in motorsport at the moment!You can read a free sample issue online at www.BajanNav.com, and subscriptions are available via the BajanNav Store - you can purchase a single issue, or a 12-month subscription at a discounted rate.

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Rent a Garmin* with BajanNav

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